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The expertise to achieve unrivalled quality and value

It’s the dedication to quality that set Nippo Gallery apart from the rest, we simply don’t tolerate “ordinary quality”. We carefully select only the best products for our VIP customers. We take great attention to the immaculate alignment of doors, drawers and worktops. We invest in precision technology, we combine traditional craftsmanship skill with the best of modern technology for furnitures that will be a pleasure to touch, use and work in.

Flawless Craftsmanship

Our furnitures craftsmanship quality is renowned. All of our furniture products are the result from the best use of modern high materials, technology and flawless craftsmanship that turns all of our goods into exceptionals.

Investment in Technology

Each furniture is made to measure and built to an individual order, thanks to our investment in technology that we can build to fit various requirements at a milimeter tolerance. Every cupboard and cabinet is hand-assembled and checked many times during its production by our quality team.

Proven Durability

Our bespoke furnitures are renowned for their strength and the ability to withstand a lifetime of hard use. The materials uses are only the best and enormously strong, as are the jointing techniques we employ. Even the hidden parts are finished at the highest standard, as this means longer life for years longer than an ordinary furniture. Every aspect of a Nippo Gallery products reveals the same quality approach.

Promise of Perfection

When Nippo Gallery’s customer got their furniture installed or delivered, that’s just the beginning of the relationship. Nippo Gallery provide support and care as warranty and a piece of mind to each customers.

Nippo Tech Sejahtera Wood Working Factory

A key role in this quality process is played by Nippo Techs Factory. With heart and mind, we contribute to the creative supply chain, from architecture to interior design, from prototyping to engineering, from graphics to visual, from marketing to communication. Nippo Techs gives shape to each project from the A-List designers and home owners, and channel their creativity in our furnitures.

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Come by for inspiration,
leave with the perfect furnishings

Whether you are furnishing a room, redecorating an entire home or simply want help styling your space, our Nippo Gallery expert interior designers will provide personalized design services. Collaborate in person, by phone, or online—it’s your choice!